Friday, May 25, 2007

Time for bed.


Sarah said...

Hallo, I left a comment below too, but now want to ask if you have ever heard of a british illustrator called Simone Lia. Some of your drawings remind me of hers, and I think maybe you would like her work (a guess only) She has a website and will appear if you google her!

Keep drawing

juj said...

Hello and Happy Birthday. I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. I love the simplicity and grace of your drawings. I especially like the mermaid from one of your earlier posts - she has a certain sophistication and charm that is very appealing. I like your stories and the stories of your daughter too. Perhaps someday the two of you will write and illustrate a book together. That would be fun to see.

mike r baker said...

Happy birthday! Thank you for the email - it was very nice. Welcome to Illustration Friday. You have a great talent for art. And you draw lovely mermaids. :)

Nouvelle Vague "Dance With Me"